537606_10151342837538297_744501897_nYou love the idea of presenting to others. Wait a minute. You don’t? How come? Could it be that you’re afraid of being boring? Not certain of the value of what you have to say? You don’t want to come across as being pushy or that you’re just delivering a sales pitch? Come for this course and learn how to deliver powerful presentations effortlessly! (Ok, there is some effort involved, but not as much as you might think!) Not only that, you’ll be given a chance to practice what you learn in the morning, so make sure you’re on time! Your presentations in the afternoon will be video recorded and sent to you for your own review and further practice. Follow-up sessions are available on request. You will experience the following:

  1. Greater confidence and calmness when delivering your next presentation.
  2. More clarity as to what your main message really is.
  3. Higher level of skill discerning what your audience wants. And what they actually need.
  4. Enhanced enthusiasm telling your audience about the value of what you are offering for them.
  5. Boldness in telling your audience why you should be the one delivering that great value to them.
  6. Commence becoming a stage master, using all available presentation aids for the benefit of your audience.
  7. Gain more confidence presenting whether or not presentation aids are available.

This is a one-day course with a half-day follow-up session. Scheduling of the half-day session will be done during the workshop proper. Separate arrangements for Presentation Coaching after the half-day session are available.

Maximum number of participants is eight.

Workshop Outline.

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