Muddled About Marketing?

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Marketing? Sales? You mean they’re different? Of course they are! Sales is the tactical arm of marketing, they live in the same neighbourhood. Put very simply, marketing is letting the world know about the value you offer via your products and services. Sales is persuading them that you should be the one to deliver that said value. Marketing and Sales have common prospects, customers and clients in mind. What’s common is people. You don’t sell or market to MNCs, other businesses, the general public or even your niche market. You market and sell to people. Therefore, building positive relationships with the right people, a.k.a.buyers, is of paramount importance. End of Marketing 101 Course. Join us for refreshments at the foyer.

If you’re still unsure, you might want to look into numbers, charts, diagrams, dashboards, survey results and a whole plethora of tools and instruments available to you to find out what your customer eats for breakfast, how she gets to her workplace, how long she lingers over ads for nail polish, who she goes for lunch with and what she does on weekends. Those are certainly helpful, but they are not the be all and end all. Really effective marketing always remembers the Golden Rule of “Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you.” The Platinum Rule is really just an extension of the Golden Rule and says “Do unto others how others want it to be done unto them.” The Golden Rule answers the Whats. The Platinum Rule answers the Hows. The Golden Rule answers the question of “What People Need.” The Platinum Rule answers the question of “What People Want” which is simply different manifestations of “What People Need” anyway. Using whatever data is available to you to discern trends in the populace is marketing. Engaging people with the conclusions derived from that data is effective sales.

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