If there is one thing vital to the continued functioning of an SME, it has to be cash flow. That’s linked to sales, or, to put it more accurately, to profit. After all, if you are in the businessĀ of selling noodles, and you sell each bowl of noodles for two dollars, sales might go through the roof, but you’d eventually have to close down if each bowl of noodles you sell also costs you two dollars and ten cents to produce, all things considered! So, profit is what’s actually needed, and profit is closely linked to the buyer. If SMEs are able to get, not only more, but also better, buyers, then we might just be able to have a sustainable and profitable business!

IMAG0299Get practical handles on the following:

  1. Who? Buyers?
  2. Think Like A Buyer!
    • What Buyers Want.
    • What Buyers Need.
  3. How do Buyers buy?
    • Word Of Mouth, primarily!
  4. Where do I find Buyers?
  5. How do I attract Buyers?
  6. How do I find even more Buyers?
  7. Why Buyers keep coming back.

The course starts out by giving you the basics of how to find, attract and get buyers. Once that’s done, all participants will help each other do the same for each participant’s business. You will take away an executable plan for getting your buyers!

This is a one-day course. Contact us for details!