Think “Marketing Intelligence” is only for the MNCs and big players? Think again! Just as “Strategic Planning” is important to “Big Players”, it would be even more critical for SMEs! Assoc Prof Abdul Raoof will bring you through the essentials of effective and profitable decision making based on rock-solid fundamentals of marketing intelligence management!

This is a one-day course. Contact us for details!

Marketing Intelligence Management (MIM) is a management process of collating everyday information relevant to a company’s markets and analysing it specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development metrics. Marketing intelligence is especially necessary when entering a foreign market.

Example dashboard by Origami Logic

Example dashboard by Origami Logic

  1. Identify and define problems & opportunities
  2. Determining when is it useful to use market research
  3. Develop and evaluate the appropriateness of using alternative research designs
  4. Gain an appreciation of the techniques that can be used to transform mere/raw data into useful intelligence/information
  5. Evaluate the relevance and adequacy of the information supplied and offer insightful information for decision-making

Marketing Intelligence Management workshop is designed to help SME owners or Senior Managers who are in the position to make strategic business decisions. Skills learnt in this workshop can used by marketing managers and is often viewed by employees throughout an organization.