Know Thyself, Know Thine Stakeholders.

If the title sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking about “Know thyself, know thy enemy. In a hundred battles, you will never be in peril.” Well, “Know Thyself, Know Thine Stakeholders” runs along the same lines. If we know our businesses and our stakeholders well, and act in order to increase value all round, our profits […]

But I WANT to Buy! Why aren’t you selling?

You all know this intuitively already, right? If you don’t present it, no one can buy it! This is true whether you’re selling products and services or just selling an idea for a good deed. You have to present it. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people are so afraid of presenting. […]

To Be Or Not To Be. Interesting? Or Interested?

To Be or Not to Be. Ah…that is the question. We all know that. So what’s the answer? Or is it just plain rhetoric? Do we need to be interesting? Or do we need to be interested? Do we know the answer? Then why do we ask? Ah, but that, of course, is another question! […]

Muddled About Marketing?

Marketing? Sales? You mean they’re different? Of course they are! Sales is the tactical arm of marketing, they live in the same neighbourhood. Put very simply, marketing is letting the world know about the value you offer via your products and services. Sales is persuading them that you should be the one to deliver that […]

Let’s Stop The Cultural Context Bullshit

I’m becoming weary of the term “contextualize.” Not because I disagree with the concept but because I take great exception to how people use it. The way I see most people using it is as yet another form of that obscenity called Political Correctness. No, I’m not suggesting that it’s ok to write on someone’s […]

Financial Fitness

A friend of mine was asking if she should be concerned about profits. She was in one of those “processionary caterpillar” quandaries, struggling with the concept that “Money is the root of all evil” and similar lines of thought. I told her that money is NOT the root of all evil. The LOVE of money […]

Up Your Sales? Why?

We are all exhorted to increase sales. After all, if there are no sales, there is no business to speak of. Many sales gurus out there give us a plethora of techniques which we all can use and improve upon so that our sales charts look inspiring and not depressing. A quick search will return nearly […]

Sense, See & Seize Business Opportunities!

The next run of the seminar on this highly essential topic has been scheduled for 27 Mar 2015. They will be delivered by Principal Consultant, Roland Kiew. Do refer to the flyer below. Please register at the Eventbrite page. For more details, please download the information document here.    


Find Out More About Employee Training

Training is a crucial part of employees’ and managers’ work. Our programs help to facilitate changes in an individual’s behaviour arising from experience. We incorporate the process of ‘activities knowledge’ to ‘experience’ (know-how), and from ‘experience’ to ‘learning’ (know-why) — to help individuals acquire new knowledge for better performance back in the workplace.