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Management Consultancy

There are answers to these questions awaiting your critical analysis & action-oriented plan..

What is the offering, is it a product or service or a combination? Who is the customer? What is the need being addressed? Where are the customers? What is the core value as perceived by the customer, of the opportunity? Why will they buy from you? In what ways are the offering superior for customers? How is it different from competitors?

Our commitment to you starts here

We focus the heart of your opportunity plan and help you to analyze who is doing what; for whom they are doing it; and the financial assumptions and results on which the plan is based.

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Employee Training

“It is people that make quality happens..” If competition amongst enterprises is competition for talents and of talents, it becomes obvious that employee training & development is essential for an organization’s success.

Training is a crucial part of employees’ and managers’ work.

L4Action workshops for SMEs are designed to make it easier for employees to embrace a positive approach in responding to the changing environment, focusing on customers.

Some of our popular half-day workshops that enlighten participants on Workplace Practice & Skills:

  • Achieving customers value & satisfaction
  • Using office technology effectively (CRM, Mobile Apps. etc.)
  • Promoting safety and health amongst employees
  • Seeking opportunities on personal growth
  • Following regulations and practices in the workplace
  • Improving productivity and sustainability
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Business Systems & Solutions

New updates will be made available soon..


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About Us

We are a team of rational optimists (entrepreneurs, professionals & macromanagers) seeking to work together with enterprising individuals and firms with the desire to build something substantial and significant through business development, innovation and growth. We adopt the proposal that entrepreneurial business development is a skill-set, which can be learned, so that everyone can learn and develop enterprising skills and behaviours, if they wish to.

L4Action offers a focused scope of employees-centric training and consultancy projects for SMEs to enhance their productivity and growth.

Why Choose Us?

Our tailored programs for SMEs provide a mapped process to show you as clearly and simply as possible how, from opportunity to action, an evaluated opportunity creates desirable results. In a nutshell, we are committed to helping you get the results you want.