About Opportunity Focused Business Plan

Our commitment to you starts here.

We focus the heart of your opportunity plan and help you to analyse who is doing what; for whom they are doing it; and the financial assumptions and results on which the plan is based..

Your proposition – value to customers: the core value as perceived by the customer of the opportunity; Your people – competency to launch and growth the venture: the founding team, advisors, networks, social capital, suppliers; Your route – strategy to market: in what ways you could gain access to the selected market as a newcomer; Your Operations – managing the process: the processes implementing the business concept and connecting it to customers; Your profitability – costs, revenues, and profits: the start-up costs and initial investment for the returns, linking to analysis of projected sales revenues

Do seize the opportunity to gain a personal understanding of the ‘key elements of an opportunity centred business model’ for SMEs, when it is next scheduled (half-day or full-day workshops usually conducted once a month).