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We are a team of rational optimists (entrepreneurs, professionals, training consultants & macromanagers) seeking to work together with enterprising individuals and SMEs with the desire to build something substantial and significant through business development, innovation and growth.

L4Action adopts the proposal that entrepreneurial business development is a skill-set, which can be learned, so that everyone can learn and develop enterprising skills and behaviours, if they wish to.

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Unique Selling Point

We focus the heart of your opportunity plan and help you to analyze who is doing what; for whom they are doing it; and the financial assumptions and results on which the plan is based.

Our tailored programs for SMEs provide a mapped process to show you as clearly and simply as possible how, from opportunity to action, an evaluated opportunity creates desirable results. In a nutshell, we are committed to helping you get the results you want.

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Our Managing T.E.A.M.

Increase your overall effectiveness & achieve your set goals and objectives…

Let us be the training partner of your TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More


“Many people talk about business ideas but don’t get on and do them.”

A NEW 2+1 Days Course will be conducted every month in 2016 (9am-5pm)

An ‘action-oriented’ 2+1 days program to help YOU put together a viable venture proposal – YES, from opportunity to action – and use it to raise start-up venture funding and turn your ‘workable’ idea into a business plan for successful implementation.
For the latest updates and additional information, do reach us on email: business@L4Action.com or call our programs hotline: 9277 2277 for Desmond.
  • Title:               Creating a Viable Opportunity-Centred Business Proposal (Learn the ‘HOW TO’ on .. Evaluate Opportunity – Generate Business Model – Create Business Plan & more.. in putting together a VIABLE venture proposal plan)
  • Duration:       2 days for the interactive/structured course, plus another 1 day for review and consultancy
  • Date:               15 & 16 July 16 (plus another one-day a week later for review and consultancy)
  • Venue:            L4Action learning space @ First Centre (or an alternative venue to accommodate larger class size)
  • Participants: Enterprising SMEs owners keen on attracting venture funding for their businesses or a new venture creation for growth opportunities. Many participants – would-be & practising entrepreneurs in SMEs, have used this platform to share a common passion for entrepreneurship and a strong desire to improve the likelihood of success – as they embark on their entrepreneurial careers!

Seminar leader: Roland Kiew, our Principal Consultant

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Good service from folks from L4Action. Would be good if there are more courses as well.

Jessica Tan

Roland conducted enterprise training for us for a 3 days 2 night course and we are grateful for all that you have done for our company. Our staff enjoyed the training and found it to be helpful.

Andrew Koh

L4Action has always been delivering exceeding customers’ expectations and giving the best services to your customers. Excellent professionalism and service.

Jason Wong